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[B.A.P Hot Debut Story] Jongup “Written as Jongup but read as mischief”

“How did the celebrities inside our televisions become a star?” 

With the outlooks on the entertainment industry rising one step higher, we as the public aren’t just curious about their glamorous images, but their back stories before they became celebrities as well. 

We have prepared the column “star story” in our publishing which not only tells a truthful side to stars, but their past that brought them to where they are today. This episode’s protagonist is B.A.P’s Jongup, who is one members of the heartwarming magnae line.

Jongup greeted the reporter with a smile full of mischief following after Youngjae. With his baby face, the reporter was able to get the vibe of his average, yet cute younger brother image when he asked the question, “What kind of things do I have to talk about?”

“Hello, I’m Jongup., I was born in Siheung of of Kyungkido on February 6th, 1995 and I was born very healthily. When I was younger, I was fairly chubby (laughs). Out of the three sons, I am the youngest and I was a mischievous kid who liked to play with his hyungs. An anecdote of when I was younger? Hrm..my mother told me but when I was two years old, we went to America (where my relatives lived) for vacation and said I got lost. Thankfully, I stayed in the same place and they were able to find me. Although I don’t remember it, just thinking about it now is horrifying to know that I could have been a missing child in a foreign country haha.”

Jongup in his younger days held a personality that goofed around a lot, of whom he hung around with his older brothers more than he did with his peers, showing his love for his brothers.

“When I was younger, I was close to my brothers and I never knew time was passing by when I played with them. Other people said they weren’t close to my brothers but I got along with them as if they were my friends. Thinking about it now, they were kind brothers who’d listen to the request of their younger brother (laughs).”

In being a mischievous kid, there were lots of conflicts he had with his peers as well. Like any other kid, Jongup also had a strong possession over his items.

“When I was in kindergarten, I fought for no reason every day. I would be fine playing until I saw my toy in another kid’s hands and when seeing that, I’d fight with them (laughs). There was also a time when I needed money for kindergarten and I remember I took my piggy bank with me. Later on, I got caught by my mother and got in trouble. I didn’t even have something in specific that I wanted to buy, but I think I just had a lot of greed for money haha.”

And kindergartener Jongup who was full of mischief, faced a hardship in his life which was none other than entering elementary school (?).

“On the first day of elementary school, I remember whining about not wanting to go and was eventually dragged by my mother. I don’t know why I didn’t want to go to elementary school then, but I felt better when my mother bought me a backpack that had my favorite cartoon character, so I decided to go to elementary school hoohoot.”

That’s how Jongup of the magnae line of B.A.P began his turbulent life story.